Invest or Spend, that is The Question – 3 Ways to do Both

So, what can I buy that will be worth money in the future? This would satisfy both parts of the question. I suppose a gold ring would continue to be worth money. Except that, you could hardly ask a partner for their engagement or wedding ring back, unless you were to divorce. However, there is other jewellery that can be bought that would continue to be worth its weight in gold or gemstones. With that in mind, we shall look at three different types of jewellery that are considered a good investment.


Rings can be made from any metal, precious or otherwise. Jewellers tend to favour gold as their preferred material, making rings in various carats to make them attractive to a variety of buyers. From those who do not have to consider how much they cost through to those that do. 9ct will be the cheapest of the different golds to purchase, containing just 9 parts gold to 15 parts copper. Pure gold, of course, consisting of a full 24 carats. By tradition, wedding bands tend to be made from 22ct gold. Containing only a small portion of other metals, a 22ct gold ring is slightly softer in comparison to lower carats, meaning that it will wear down over a shorter time than say 18ct gold, which some people opt for as a happy medium (some wedding rings, like the range offered on https://gemaandco.com/collections/wedding-bands might be 14ct, for even more strength). It can be a case of deciding between a pleasanter color or a ring that is harder to wear. In terms of investment potential, a 22ct gold ring will command a much higher price and contain more of your savings in its value. It all depends on whether you want to tie your money up in lots of precious items that you can wear, or a few highly prized items. People nowadays tend to prefer more durable options than gold which are also comparatively cheaper. In that regard, tungsten rings can be considered as they are tougher and less prone to getting scratched than gold. In addition, tungsten can also provide a minimalist look while being less expensive.


Designer watches are becoming the ultimate investment. Particularly for men. Many sports stars and celebrities will invest in them. A famous name in watches that many will be familiar with is Rolex. They sponsor the Tennis Championships at Wimbledon. For those on a budget, the Oyster Perpetual is Rolex’s lowest priced model at just slightly more than $5,000 to purchase. Other models are more expensive because they have diamonds encrusted within their casings. Wearing a watch such as this can be considered a status symbol. Something symbolic of having made it in business or through your celebrity status. TYou could also try getting unique watches by visiting sites like eBay. Sellers might use their eBay calculator and decide on a price that you get to see once the item is listed on the site. he most expensive watch in the world is the Patek Philippe, which sold for $31 million at auction. It topped a previous auction record which saw a Rolex Daytona, owned previously by movie star Paul Newman, sold for 17.7 million.

Gemstone Necklaces

Diamonds are not the only gemstone to keep your eye on. Some gemstones in the word are rarer than diamonds. Examples include: alexandrite, jadeite, tanzanite, red beryl, and Burma ruby. Alexandrite is a fascinating gemstone in that it looks like an emerald by day but a ruby by night. It is a rare colour-changing variety of the chrysoberyl mineral. Originally discovered in Russia, in the Ural Mountains in the 1830s, it can now be sourced in Brazil, East Africa, and Sri Lanka. It is rare to find and therefore valuable. It can only increase in value due to its rarity. Tanzanite, the blue and violet variety of the zoisite mineral, is rare because it can only be found in Tanzania. And only in a very small mining area in the Mererani Hills. Red beryl has been known to sell for over a thousand dollars per carat. To find a quality gem over a carat of this gemstone is considered extremely rare. The Burma ruby is considered the rarest and most valuable of the corundum family. It ranges in colour from pink to red. The highest ever paid for a Burmese ruby was $1 million USD per carat. Equally, gemstones hanging from the end of a necklace can also be set in a ring, a pair of earrings, or a brooch. The thicker the gold chain, the more value. But be aware, some thicker chains have a steel core and are not necessarily all gold. That is all gold in relation to their carat.

So, with 3 ways to invest in beauty, there is no need to buy things that you do not find attractive or useful. You can invest in something that you would be proud to own, wear, and have someone admire.

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