Hey there! Thanks for getting this far in my blog, I’m glad you’re interested and want to learn a little more about me.

As you’ve probably seen, I’ve been in and around the Business world for the last two decades, so have become pretty knowledgeable about most things. I had no place to share my expertise and knowledge, so I thought what better way to do so than to create a blog!

I’ll have three main topics: Business, Finance and Marketing.

In Business, I’ll touch on things like HR, business development, employee management, time efficiency and business technology. In Finance, I’ll touch on things like payroll and payroll software,  business funding and investing, and other financial aspects of business. In Marketing, I’ll touch on affiliate marketing, SEO, digital marketing, PPC, content marketing and the other awesome aspects of Marketing as a whole.

If there are any other areas you’d like me to discuss or you have a question about ana article I’ve posted, feel free to head over to my Contact page and leave me a message – you can take a look at my recent posts to the right too!