7 Easy Ways to Boost Footfall in Your Small Business

Boost Footfall

Footfall is the live line of any business featuring a store front so understanding how to boost footfall can make or break your revenue. More traffic means that you can get feedback on products in real time and have more opportunities to sell customers on more of your products. This is why today I am going to talk about 7 easy ways to boost football in your small business.

Keep Your Store Neat and Well-Maintained

A pristine storefront can do wonders for your small business’s curb appeal. Nobody wants to go to a store that looks dirty and unkempt, so stay on top of these maintenance tasks. If your storefront is mainly glass, you could see about a redesign, and have a look at some glass printing images that suit what you want your business to portray to customers.

Jobs like sweeping your storefront and cleaning your windows should be done daily. But other tasks only need to be done every few months or even years. A great paint job can last for years.

Go to the front of your store and look at it from the outside. Assess the physical state of your windows, doors, and walls. Figure out what needs sprucing up and assign staff to regularly take care of it. Dedicate someone to sweep, someone to clean glass, etc daily. You might not have staff that are able to do that, so do not rule out hiring a third-party to take care of some of the bigger jobs. Perhaps a denver pressure washing company could be contacted to clean the exterior of the store. This would ensure that the building looks nice and clean.

Curbside Decorations

Go beyond the typical window display by having additional elements outside your store. For instance, you could put out a sandwich board to grab the attention of customers walking by with a fun message that will engage them with your business. You could also feature special offer that is going on in your store on the sandwich board which could hook in customers.

You could also use your social media to share your fun and witty sandwich board as part of your digital marketing efforts. Some retailers are adding curbside elements that shoppers can use. Technology allows customers to interact with our business’s in new and exciting ways.

Make sure your Employees Look Busy

If you have a large window that shows off your store to the street you are going to want your employees to be the shining example that entices them into your store. If they looked bored and disengaged, then that will give the impression that customers will also be bored and disengaged when go to enter your store. If you want a more ‘uniformed’ look, you may want to check out getting your employees branded custom sweatshirts with your shop’s logo on them, this will portray a professional atmosphere and show your customers that your business is a serious one.

Invest in Your Employees

Even if you have the best-looking shop in the world you will struggle to sell anything if your team does not have the right training. If your employees provide poor customer service, then you will struggle to sell anything. Your staff can mean well but if they do not have the right skills and tools to do the job you ask of them then the result will suffer.

Use the Internet

The reality of commerce today is that everyone is online. This means you have to be too if you want to compete. Use social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to promote your small business. Having your own ecommerce site will also give customers another way to discover what you provide. Click here to see what a company like GO Creative can do to help make sure you’re getting more potential customers visiting your website. It’s worth noting that giving your customers the right variety of engagement points will improve your ability to connect with your target market.

Offer Click-and-Collect

If you are already selling online that is fantastic. Do not forget to offer click-and-collect services in your stores. Such initiatives will not only get people to your physical location, but they can potentially increase the sales process. If you intend on doing this then it would be a great idea to make sure you are also easy to find on popular search engines so work with an expert in SEO to make your site more visible to customers that want your product.

Leverage Google’s Local Inventory Ads

Brilliant website SEO can make it even easier for your customers to find what they want from your store these days. Local inventory ads are a fantastic asset for your customers who are trying to find products that they want. No more old school billboards hoping for the best. People can be recommended exactly what they want.

In conclusion, a lot of little things add up to making a wonderful impression on the customer if you make all the right choices. Keep your store looking great, keep your employees engaged in their work and be easy to find online and you will have a solid foundation to succeed in the small business world.

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