3 Different Pieces of Corporation Software that relate to Business Management

Business Management

When engaging new staff, it is essential that you have a handle on whether you have the kind of corporate software (say, like the ones provided by Eide Bailly) that is, not only right for your company, but common to the industry in terms of the amount of training that will be required to be set-up to bring new entrants up to speed, as quickly as possible. To have them become familiar with this type of business software is essential to the management of the whole company. There are a range of pieces of business management software on the market to choose from. To help you understand how they work, and therefore what features are important, you can go to: https://www.bizstim.com/news/article/what-to-look-for-in-a-business-management-software-application.


ProofHub is a piece of software, and a platform, that can take care of your business. The powerful software combines and handles your features in just one package. It allows you to streamline your processes, store them, then share your files and feedback. Being Together on onboarding will make a significant difference to your business because it will allow your staff to interact in unison with your data and, as a result, manage it. There are blog articles from websites such as Mirantis which discusses how business infrastructure is needed for the deployment of necessary technology, to make sure the business software is working within the system.

Main features of ProofHub:

  1. Task Management and Time Tracking.
  2. Gantt chart.
  3. Workflow and File Management
  4. Chats and Discussions.


If you are looking for simplicity in tracking your work across various projects, Todo. vu would be perfect for your business needs. It allows the user to focus on what needs to be done, whilst allowing your project and customer management to stay in one place, on one interface.

The main features of Todu.vu include:

  1. Instinctive user interface.
  2. Updates provided in real-time.
  3. Communication that is focused.
  4. Ability to sync tasks to any calendar.
  5. Built-in billing and time tracking.

Pro tip: Finding the right project and portfolio management platform is more about trying and testing numerous options, and looking for the added features they often provide as you can see on websites like https://kwizcom.com/bundles/sharepoint-project-management-bundle/. The fact that different businesses have varying software requirements makes it crucial to look for all the plausible options so that you don’t end up investing in the wrong software.


In a short time, StudioCloud has become known as a reliable solution to business management. It is described as a one-stop solution that provides any feature that your business might require at any place and at any time.

The main features of StudioCloud include:

  1. Able to produce and send professionally formatted invoices.
  2. Excellent management of clients, vendors, and partners all in one space.
  3. Clients can review and sign contacts online.
  4. Sending of personalized and automated email and text reminders.
  5. Easily customizable in relation to look and feel.


The above three are considered not only some of the best pieces of software available on the market in the field of business management, in terms of their capabilities, but also the most popular. They all translate to the needs of the corporate organization in their ease of use, their ability to bring a range of features together onto one platform, and the likelihood that other users out there have developed a familiarity with the way that they work. Generally, these software solutions will be able to satisfy your business needs, however, in the rare event that it doesn’t, you can always contact companies like Cefar for building a bespoke management system.

However, several companies find the features of the above-mentioned software to be extremely helpful. For example, features such as the Gantt chart on ProofHub allow for the illustration of information in bar chart form. The fact that the updates are provided in real-time on Todu.vu has an immediacy about it that means a business can always know its current position. StudioCloud’s feature of producing invoices of a professional standard avoids the need for a separate person to become involved to ensure this. These systems interact with staff rather than make their job harder, ultimately resulting in less of an impact on payroll costs.

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